Winter 2012

Winter 2012

Thank you to all the people who braved the chilly weather and came to our remembrance service. We had a lovely service and heard all about the various meanings of the poppy flower and how they are not necessarily meanings that you would associate with war or remembrance.

We also learnt about work being done to list all the UK War Memorials online. The War Memorials Trust; is a charity organization, run by volunteers and is working for the protection and conservation of war memorials in the UK. Please go to to ensure your local war memorial is listed and for information about grant and schemes available to conserve your local war memorial.

I am pleased to write that all of the Heath Chapel 2013 calendars have sold! They were a huge success and to our delight demand has outweighed supply! A really big thank you to everyone who has supported the chapel by buying the calendars. There are still postcards available to purchase, and all the wonderful varied photographs of the chapel are still on display. All the money raised will go towards our Roof Appeal.

With Christmas creeping ever nearer, Heath Chapel will hold its annual Christingle and Carol service on Sunday the 9th of December. We welcome everyone from everywhere to our services, and especially children at this magnificent time of year. Come and join us for some festive spirit and sing along to some well known carols and of course stay for some lovely refreshments and a good old natter afterwards! The service will be at our usual time of 6.30pm.

Heath Chapel will also host a evening of Carols with Corndon Singers on Wednesday 19th December at 7.30pm in the chapel. This will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies for everyone.

Coming to the end of 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on the year the Heath Chapel community has had.

The year started off very well, with lots of people braving the cold weather to attend our services. We had a wonderful Easter services, with our egg hunt being as popular as ever! Soon plans were underway for our Jubilee celebrations, which were a massive success. Around 150 people danced or bounced the night away in the Chapel grounds before ending with the lighting of our beacon. A once in a lifetime experience for many. It was around this time that a hole was found in the Grade I listed historic building of the chapel, a quick ‘bodge it’ repair job took place to try to stop the water coming in, but we knew that this was going to be a big job.
 Knowing that such a huge task lay ahead to repair the chapel, many could have seen it has someone elses responsibility. However, not the Heath Chapel community, this has only serviced to unite the community even further and make our community spirit even stronger. By Heath Chapel community, I am not just referring to people who live within the Heath, we are much more than this, I am referring to all those who come from villages and towns around to join in with our services. This is not just a handful of people, but we have averaged around 35 people per service this year, with age ranges from just weeks old to 90 years!
Heath Chapel is an historic building, around 922 years old, and it does need preserving for the future but this little chapel is so much more than a building. It is the hub of our thriving community. We do not have a village hall here in the Heath, but the chapel provides us with a gathering place, and opportunities for us all to come together and have a good old catch up!

Although, ultimately, only having the money to fix the roof will save the Chapel, I ask what would be the point if it wasn’t for the community. We do need your money to fix our chapel, but what would mean more than that, and what we really ask for is your time.

Without the people giving up their time, to clean the church, to mow the grounds, to decorate the church, to organize the services, to attend the services, to play the music, to make the cakes, to pour the tea, to arrange fundraising events, and to do all the little tasks that take time but have to done, without this the chapel would have no real community spirit.

Giving up time doesn’t have to be expensive, yet it is often harder to give than money. We are all so grateful that there are so many people willing to give up their time to keep our community alive, and we thank you whole heartedly and long may this community spirit continue.    

We would also like to thank Reverend Maree Wilson, who has continued to embrace our community spirit and service themes and encourage us all whole heartedly in everything we are doing.

Everyone from the Heath Chapel community would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

If you would like any more information on Heath Chapel, any of our fundraising events, or if you have any ideas or you would be willing to organize a fundraiser please approach anyone from the Heath or email